Saturday, 30 April 2016

Exalted Assistant Manager of the Apocalypse - Month 3

Ok! Month 3 and I've finally got some stuff painted.. not a lot.. but some!

So my first fully painted unit is the Everchosen Chaos Warriors. It's been quite difficult to make them 'pop' with such a dark palette but I'm happy with the result. Now they're finished I'm wondering if I need five more.. damn it. They do die quite quickly.

Also got my Slaughterpriest finished. Such a great model this and he's great on the table too. So much so I've already bought the alternative sculpt too. Two is better than one after all..

I really but some effort into the Slaughter Priest as he's going to be an entry to Golden Demon this year.. hence going a bit overboard on his base!

The basing is how I'm going to do all my characters and monsters.. so I'm having to make sure I leave plenty of spaces for icicles.

So that's all I've got painted but it's a start.

Realised I needed some shooting in my army so I bought a Skull Cannon.. it misses almost every time.. so I bought another one.. still no luck.. but they look cool!

Looking forward to getting some paint on them, maybe that'll improve their luck! I will let you know next time.

Oh! Almost forgot! Finally got started on Archaon himself! Well his mount anyway. Took some time to get 2 of the 3 heads done.

Just the Tzeentch one to do.. and then the rest of the massive thing.



  1. Nice work G, good luck with the Slaughterpriest

  2. Really, really great work, and the base on the Slaughterpriest is just astonishing! Cant wait to see Archaon - the two heads are looking ace. My Archaon is still in it's box, on the sprues, 4 months later... it's an intimidating project to get started on.

    1. Thanks! Yeah he is intimidating! I bought him as treat to paint up 5 months ago and I've only just started doing little bits, there's still parts of him I have no idea how to do yet! :)

  3. Slaughterpriest is exceptional! Lovely base but it's not stealing attention from his chest or axe head.

    The heads are really characterful. Should be great on the finished Big Boy.

    Have you tried looking into a Tzeentchian spell caster to put Mystic Shield on them, or Archaon can cast it. Mixed with a hide behind a wall bonus, and pop them out in the last turn to grab an objective?

    1. Yeah to be fair I was just thinking that they're my elite unit and charging them in, doesn't work.. Need something else to do the heavy lifting and softening up.. I really like my troops in all my armies but it seems to be all about heroes and monsters right now.. So more heroes and monsters it is! :)

  4. Great work on the Chaos Warriors! Harry the Hammer blends in amazing well with your conversions!

    1. Cheers! Yeah classic warriors is something I've wanted to do for long time! Harry is great in there, such a classic!

  5. Hello G,

    I just discovered this blog and I really love what you've done with your chaos army.
    I'm getting back in the hobby and playing with AoS rules while keeping the old world spirit is exactly what I'm trying to do.

    Could you please explain how you painted your chaos warrior please ? Maybe a tutorial if you can ?

    Thanks a lot