Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Herd of Change - Month 2

This is my second arrival to the Herd of Change. Centigor. 

I bought a box of ten Beastmen Gor which would serve as the torsos and a box of Bestigor for more weapon and arm options. I have made five so far but another five will soon be made when I have more marauder cavalry for the horses. I was also kindly sent a load of Chaos Knight lance arms by Scott Smith(@wee_men on Twitter). 

The champion is based on Ghorros Warhoof and was really a fairly simple conversion. I only had to sculpt the hair around the waist and going over the back of the horse to the tail. The horses themselves just had the saddles scraped off with a knife. It took around a few hours a night for four days to convert all of them. 

These took about a full week to paint to this standard. I still have a few details to finish like the banner but I will do all the banners as one in the future and just keep them plain for now. 

I also painted a converted Herald of Tzeentch on Disk although it took me slightly over this months budget. Originally I planned to use him as Malagor but I will likely use him as the Herald to summon Disks of Tzeentch. 

I am currently working on the five Gor and ten Bestigor but I expect they won't be finished until next month. Turns out £50 gets you more than a months worth of hobby! 

Month one
• Beastmen Doombull £30
• Marauder Horsemen £15.50

Month two
• Beastmen Gor £15.50
• Beastmen Bestigor £25.50
• Herald of Tzeentch on Disk £23.50

Running total £110
Remaining -£10.00


  1. Absolutely love that Herald on Disc! Really enjoying this army come together.

  2. Cheers mate. I'm enjoying painting this army. Normally I'd be bored by now and want to do something else.

  3. Great idea to convert the Centigor like that, GW ones are ridiculously priced!