Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Finally the dwarves are here...under the sea at least

Wow, so one month allready passt by. What a month i can tell you - i think i cant remember when was able to paint this much within a month the last time. I literlly used buckets of paint an...no dwarves...not one.

Dont worry beardlings i didnt change my way. None of the great deals from our lord and savior Scribor Miniature or GW could sway my ways. Nothing can stand in a way of a dwarve....besides nature. So what happened then.

About 2 Weeks after my first post we finished moving in into our new house. We then experienced a flood in our areay - exactly the next morning. The evening before i was painting my new mancave and finally finished. I was so happy to havr a hobby room to myself, a 60m2 Basement nontheless.

The next morning - about hip high water. God damn it. I swear, those freaking chaos goods did this....
Ok so 2 weeks of getting rid of the water, letting the basement dry and cleaning it. After cleaning..you guess it - painting the walls again.

A little pissed i went to bed. I woke up and it smelled..wierd. So the water pipe in our basement broke due to the sudden cold we experienced. Again....Water a lot of itin our basement..but hey this time it was clean at the very least....and i paid for all that water. Felt really good. So again - getting rid of the water, letting it dry and repairing all the stuff that broke.

By now i spendt os much money on paint i didnt even care. The whole painting stuff ( Paints and tables - no minis) was destryed so i had to buy nearly everything again. This time i went all fancy and stuff and painted the basement again with some artistic freedom. Today i will finally finished the last wall. The last time i paint this freaking man cave. The new tables will arrive today and the rest of the stuff will arrive in about a week.

So a lot of painting - none on miniature. After all the DIY i did the last month i cant wait to finally paint. Which menas i got double the money for a month.

Fireslayers here we go...........

P.s pics of the finished ( painted) and the pics of the mancave inlcuding all the accecoir will be added for shure...it was my painting pledge of january :P


  1. Damn, that was lot of bad luck. But now it can only get better and you can paint some great fyreslayers with real anger in them!

  2. That is terrible! Hope you don't have to fix any of that again.