Monday, 22 February 2016

HobbyHammer - Tales of Sigmar: Seraphon Month 1 FINISHED

HobbyHammer - Tales of Sigmar: Seraphon Month 1

For the first month I got a bit eager and started painting early. Hence the reason this is a post at the beginning of the month... ooppss. 

Budget = £50 

Start Collecting Box bought from Triple Helix = £37.50
Skink Starpriest bought also from Triple Helix = £9.00
Delivery Charge                                                 = £3.49
Total                                                                   = £49.99

Firstly, month 1 has a lot of models to paint mainly due too the awesome price of the Start Collecting box.

OldBlood on Carnosaur

I started with the centrepiece model for the army. Probably a bad idea, but my hobby juices were flowing. I have another blog which details how everything was painted so I won't go into massive detail about how and what colours I used. If you want to see this please visit 

I started testing out basing schemes at the end of last year and came up with a dried earth base with a blue underglow as if the Seraphon are causing the earth to change with their magical presence. 

Here are pictures of the OldBlood Finished, I have named the character Chrak'gar - The leader of the land dwelling Lizards. This is the army I will be using mainly for the Rise of Empires campaign running alongside the Tales of Sigmar. The fluff and backstory will be here

Skink Star Priest

What good is a Seraphon army without these little cunning lizards?
I have gone for a generic blue for the skinks. This model is fantastic, a joy to build and paint. The painting blog for this can also be found at

Saurus Warriors

In the starter box, you get 12 Saurus Warriors, a good start for this unit. I will eventually add another box to make 32 of them.

I didn't go for the standard blue for these as I believe they look more like Komodo Dragons, therefore I went with a green base colour for the skin and scales.

Saurus Riders on Cold Ones

Month 2 - March

Budget = £50.01

I have also bought the Thunderbeast Box set which set me back £100 and a Basttie - £30 so this will cover March and April and part of May. In March I plan on building and painting a Bastiladon and 3 Ripperdacytl Riders, April will then cover the Stegadon, Engine of the Gods and Trogolodon. 


  1. Awesome paintjob ! I love your basing idea, pretty and fluffy at the same time :)

    1. Hello, i would like to know
      which painting do you choose to make your saurus

  2. Can't wait to see the Thunderbeast Host! Was so tempted to get that myself but managed to resist for the good of Sigmar!

    1. Also I read your painting steps over at hobbyhammer- really good. I love reading about how other people use painting techniques

  3. Looking great. Really like Chrak'gar. And the bases are a fantastic idea that executes superbly well. I'm glad you didn't go blue skin, this is much better.

  4. Cheers everyone! Always nice to receive positive feedback :)

  5. I must join in the cheering! These are some really great paint jobs!

  6. Wow! 2 units, a wizard and a huge centerpiece, not bad at all for month 1! Which I'd done so much. Looking great too, like the green scheme :)

  7. Looks amazing! Can I ask how you painted the Saurus? The links to the Hobbyhammer article are broken unfortunately :/ Thanks!