Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Herd of Change - Month 1

This is my first offering to the Herd of Change. The Doombull, leader of the Warherd. 

Fortunately I had most of the parts of a Lord of change in my bits box from previous conversions. So a quick head and weapon swap was all it took.

The paint scheme I'm aiming for is simple, striking and speedy. He only took about one full evening. 

I have also bought a box of marauder horsemen for the next unit, Centigor. 

Month one
• Doombull £30
• Marauder Horsemen £15.50

Running total £45.50
Remaining £4.50


  1. Looking forward to seeing the backstory for this on Rise of Empires. Conversion looks ace!

  2. Yeah that's definitely an inspired conversion! How easy was it to replace those hands? Although I love the stock Doombull model too! Just done one myself for my Nurgle Beasts! -