Wednesday, 10 February 2016

First shoots of "Spring"... Month 1

It's always tough getting started on a new project, so I decided to paint up at least one test model, something to give me a sense of where I was trying to go with it all.  I'd already assembled and done a bit of drybrushing on the Branchwraith, so I thought I'd finish her, and then try out the ideas I had for basing it.  For the Sylvaneth I wanted the effect of them emerging out of plants and vines - so I've used spare bits of branch (I'll have a lot of these!), and autumn coloured foliage moss, the kind you get for model railway scenery.  I was pretty happy with the result - but I wanted to get my Daemons on the table sooner than the Slyvaneth, so I got stuck into this month's proper project - the Plaguebearers!


So thats 20 of the blighters, and the Herald, which is roughly around £50.  I'm still not quite decided on a colour scheme for them, but I know I want to to contrast strongly with the Slyvaneth.  I'm going to paint up a test model this week, and then aim to get them all batch painted for the end of the month.  The toughest choice will be how to do the bases though - I go to tournaments, so I really need to settle on something I can use for ALL my chaos troops.  Nightmare!


  1. I love autumn themed wood elves! Keep it up!

    I also really like the idea of building opposing forces at the same time. It must be good for getting the creative juices flowing as you can kind of see a narrative in your head. I must say the way that GW has been releasing armies so far has had me thinking this way more than in the old world.

  2. Absolutely love the paint job of that Branchwraith!

    Looking forward to seeing both forces expand over time.

  3. I've put all my Mortal units on 32mm bases. But in hindsight I would have preferred to use 25mm, would be a lot easier for piling in!